Our mission is fairly simple, but tackles a lot of complex issues: we want to create a more integrated debate community that is inclusive and accepting towards all genders in Public Forum Debate in every aspect of the activity, both in and out of rounds.

While our main focus is addressing the issues facing female presenting/identifying or nonbinary people in debate, we also push for projects to equalize access in the debate community and welcome and encourage blogposts discussing any issues in the debate space.

Overall, our name sums up our mission. We aim to encourage the people within this niche community to look beyond the debate topic resolutions or the “Resolved:” and instead at the actual implications that exclusive norms in our community can have.

Who are we?

We are a student run organization that aims to connect, empower, and fight for female presenting/identifying or nonbinary people in the niche of high school debate. As we go into our second year, we have officially expanded from 20 members of our administration to 102, and have divided up into 6 regions to be able to function as a grass-roots organization for all 28 states that Beyond Resolved occupies. We have recently expanded the BR initiative to Congressional Debate.

We have a long way to go to see a bigger difference in this activity and in our debate communities, but we are hopeful that through your support and the work of our staff change will be possible.

What do we do?

We run a weekly blog, that we hope will raise discussion, discourse, and awareness about the issues in the community. Anyone can send BR an article to be posted on our website (Email us at contact.beyondresolved@gmail.com).

We run a Hall of Fame– where we collect statistics for tournaments throughout the nation, and reach out to women and gender minorities to celebrate their successes.

We ran an online womxn’s tournament last year, as all-womxn tournaments are a great place to connect and empower womxn and gender minorities in this community. We will hopefully run more this year, and are in the planning stage for a physical all-womxn tournament.

We run a mentorship program year round– in order to provide guidance and role models to younger women/ gender minorities in a boys-club environment.

We have an anonymous submissions page called the Hall of Shame and Hall of Appreciation. Learn more about the initiatives here.

We have an anonymous Ask page for any questions you have, or advice that you might need.

We have an educational resources page, to centralize information to help better accessibility as debate is an incredibly expensive activity.

We ran a free online debate Workshop in the summer, and will be running one again this year. We will also be running a free coaching service throughout the year.

We have a coaching database for anyone looking to hire a coach.

We have a Youtube channel for instructional videos, and plan to start up regular meetups across the country.

We also have a free sticker initiative to help connect and empower the community towards a goal to make this activity more inclusive.

How can you be involved?

You can apply to join our team – check out the Apply page!

You can write for our blog! Send blogposts to our email contact.beyondresolved@gmail.com. 

You can apply to be a part of our mentor program as a mentor OR mentee. Check out the Mentor Program page on our website.

You can follow us on Instagram (@beyondresolved), Facebook (Beyond Resolved), or sign up for email updates on our home page!

You can contact us just to chat about any issues through any of our social media or the Ask page!

You can put in feedback on our “WHAT CAN WE DO BETTER” page of our website.

What’s different about us?

A couple of things. This is a website run by femxles or nb people for femxles or nb people specifically for Public Forum. While some issues are similar across different events, we’ve found that they manifest differently in Public Forum, which is why we are focused on that event. We do plan to expand out to other events, but are looking into them before adjusting our initiatives to them. We aren’t just blogging; we’re constantly creating specific programs that we think will combat issues of gender inequality through building a community, and encouraging each other. That’s why our moto is “Connect. Debate. Empower.”

Yes, we do provide some resources that are also found elsewhere. But, what we think makes the difference is that we want to connect not only with the community as a whole, but also with every single person who visits the website or participates in our programs.

Note: Everything that appears on Beyond Resolved is approved by Beyond Resolved.