2020-2021 Cabinet

The role of the cabinet within Beyond Resolved is to oversee projects, local chapters, and vote on major decisions concerning the organization. Each cabinet member oversees a different area of Beyond Resolved.

Applications are still open for other positions the 2020-2021 season! If you’re interested in joining our team please check out our application page. We would love to have you!


Zara Chapple is a senior from the Dalton School in New York City, NY. She started debate in 7th grade and has been involved with Beyond Resolved from its start. On the Executive Board last year, she organized the summer institute and mentorship program for two years, designed this website and the graphics for our Instagram, and hosted digital practices. Her biggest goal is for BR to transition from an organization focused on the experience of girls on the national circuit, to one that represents every marginalized person in debate, regardless of identity and competitive opportunity. Outside of debate and BR, she enjoys listening to audiobooks while painting, baking, and playing Nintendo games.

Vice President

Abby Meyer is a senior from Poly Prep in Brooklyn, NY. She has debated since her freshman year and been a captain on her team since sophomore year, and served on the 2019-2020 Executive Board. She has been key to the summer institute and non-profit process, as well as overseeing the Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame projects and managing Beyond Resolved’s finances. Abby is looking forward to another great year in BR!


Katheryne Dwyer is a junior at Walt Whitman high school in Bethesda, MD. Over the last two years, Katheryne has been extremely active both on her debate team and on Beyond Resolved. Last year she developed the scholarship initiative, spotlights, and wrote blog posts. Katheryne is extremely excited to continue being a part of Beyond Resolved this year and work to make debate more equitable!

Outreach and Communications Director

Rhyen Hunt is a senior at La Salle College Prep in Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA and this is her 4th year in Public Forum Debate. Rhyen is a motivated activist committed to fighting racial and gender inequality in and out of the debate. During her time on the debate team, she has been dedicated to working with the underclassmen on her team and making sure the debate team is a safe and inclusive environment. Rhyen is excited to continue to expanding initiatives with Beyond Resolved to help make the debate space inclusive, kind, welcoming and equal.

Volunteer Directors

Anika Seth is a senior from Montgomery Blair HS in Rockville, MD. Anika has been debating public forum since her freshman year. She debates primarily on local circuits in Maryland and DC but started debating on the national circuit in her junior year and broke at several tournaments. Anika is really passionate about bringing Beyond Resolved out of just the national circuit and becoming involved with more local debate communities across the country, and she wants to make national circuit opportunities more attainable for those who wish to pursue them. Outside of debate, she’s involved with robotics, biomedical research, and her school newspaper. She’s super excited for #seniorszn and can’t wait to continue working with all the lovely people in Beyond Resolved!

Sydney Fritz is a public forum debater and current team captain located at Blacksburg High School in southwestern Virginia. Her competitive record includes being state runner-up and breaking at national tournaments such as Myers Park. Along with preparing to serve as a novice instructor at BRi this summer, Sydney has spent most of her time as a staffer for BR working to bring light to the systemic barriers to entry that exist for rural and low-resource programs, as she herself comes from a small team. She is incredibly excited to serve on the cabinet as the 2020-2021 Volunteer Director.

Research and Education Director

Cobin Szymanski is a Senior from Saint Michael-Albertville HS in Saint Michael, MN. This is Cobin’s first year with Beyond Resolved. So far, they have hosted a bunch of super fun digital practices, participated in the LGBTQ+ focus group, and so much more. In addition, they will be instructing at the BRi this summer! They are the captain of their school’s debate team and help coach local novice debaters. They are super excited to be a part of the cabinet and will do everything they can to make debate a safer place for all people!

Community Projects Director

Karina Samuel is a junior at North Broward Prep in Coconut Creek, FL. Karina has been extensively involved with her school’s debate program, where she has served as Treasurer, Novice Director, and President of Public Forum Debate. She actively participated in numerous areas in Beyond Resolved for the 2019-2020 year (creative content and blogposts, the judging and coaching initiative, tournament outreach) and is excited to return to work alongside the Cabinet! This year, she is looking forward to implement her ideas of better chapter coordination and helping marginalized/students with poorly funded programs transition into the national circuit.

Creative Director

Kacey Lee is a senior from McMinnville HS in McMinnville, OR. Kacey, entering her fourth year of Public Forum in the fall, has been at Beyond Resolved for almost a year. Having served as the co-head of the Mental Health Initiative, she is excited to be a part of the Cabinet as the Creative Director. She hopes to help create a safe debate space for everyone and encourage a broader scope of representation within the debate community- including the representation of debaters in local and state circuits, debaters of color, and debaters from under-recognized or underfunded programs.

Previous Leaders

Founders (2018-2019)

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Sara Catherine Cook graduated from The Altamont School in Birmingham, AL. She did PF for three years and was the cooler co-captain of her team. She founded Beyond Resolved and was the 2018-2019 Executive Director. She now attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

Anna Kate Lembke graduated from The Altamont School in Birmingham, AL. She did Public Forum for four years and was actually the cooler co-captain of her team. She also started Beyond Resolved and pioneered ideas for the Blog and Hall of Fame. She now attends Brown University in Providence, RI.

Within the first year of Beyond Resolved, the founders came up with a weekly blog, a Hall of Fame, a Hall of Shame, and a Mentorship Program as well as a Free Sticker Initiative.

Executive Director (2019-2020)

Yukiho has been the JV and Novice captain of her PF team for the past three years. Last year, she helped advise the organization as part of the Advisory Board, wrote articles for the BR blog, and served as a mentor in the Mentorship Program. While she has overseen the entire organization this year, she specifically organized the transition of Beyond Resolved from a 20 girls initiative to an organization with 102 staff members and 8 committees, pioneered the Hall of Appreciation initiative and the BR Educational Resources page, helped launch the Free Coaching Service and was the Executive Director of BR’s first free online camp. She is excited to pursue more projects and oversee Beyond Resolved for the rest of the year.