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Anna Kate and Sara Catherine at Graduation!

Sara Catherine Cook graduated from The Altamont School in Birmingham, AL. She did Public Forum for three years and was the cooler co-captain on her team. She started and ran Beyond Resolved as the Executive Director for the 2018-2019 year. She now attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and serves as a strategic advisor for Beyond Resolved.

Anna Kate Lembke graduated from The Altamont School in Birmingham, AL. She did Public Forum for four years and was actually the cooler co-captain of her team. She also started Beyond Resolved and pioneered ideas for the Blog and Hall of Fame. She now attends Brown University in Providence, RI.

Executive Director

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Yukiho Semimoto is a senior at Edgemont in Scarsdale, NY. She is in her fifth year of Public Forum debate, and is the JV and Novice captain of her PF team. She was part of the 18-19 Beyond Resolved Advisory Board , and is excited to be the Beyond Resolved executive director for this year!

Northeast Director and Mentor Program Director

Zara Chapple is a rising Junior at The Dalton School in New York, NY and will be in her third year of Public Forum Debate. She was an active participant on the 18-19 BR Advisory Board and is excited to be a regional director this year! Last year, she worked to organize the mentor program, coaching database, NYC meetup and wrote and edited blogposts. Going forwards she wants to help develop free educational content, work with existing leagues, create anti-bias training guides, and in general make all styles of debate more inclusive and accessible.

States in the Region: New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Southeast Director


Dori Schurr is a rising senior at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, FL and is in her third year of Public Forum Debate. She is also the President of her speech and debate team. Dori is the author of BDE, What Really Matters, We Can Handle It, and more. She was part of the 18-19 advisory board and cannot wait to share more with the debate community!

States in the Region: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina

Eastern Director


Clara Koritz Hawkes is a rising senior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD (close to D.C.) and will be in her fourth year of Public Forum Debate. She is one of four PF captains of her team. Going forward, she plans to expand outreach further, especially in states that have minimal BR presence right now, and amplifying as many voices as possible to ultimately create a more open and understanding community. She’s looking forward to a very exciting year!

States in the Region: Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, (District of Columbia)

Central Director

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupSophia Khan is a rising senior at Chaparral High School in Parker, CO. This is her second year of debate and she is the overall debate caption of her schools speech and debate team, overseeing varsity and novice CX, LD, and PF.

States in the Region: Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana

Midwest Director

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Silvia Aydinyan is a rising senior entering her fourth year of Public Forum Debate. Last year, she was a mentor in the Mentorship Program and participated in the Online Womxn’s Round Robin. She is Co-President of her debate team this year. Silvia is very excited to help make the debate community a more equitable, welcoming space through BR. She wants to focus on making debate less elitist and cost-prohibitive, as well as promoting awareness of the statistical disadvantages minority groups in the debate community face.

States in the Region: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas

Western Co-Directors

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Riya Bindlish is a rising senior entering her fifth year of public forum debate. Last year, she was a writer for Beyond Resolved, emphasizing the importance of action along with awareness, in addition to publicizing Beyond Resolved in the nation’s first feminist magazine, Ms. This year, she is captain of the Public Forum team and Vice President of the debate team. Riya is ecstatic to breaking more barriers through Beyond Resolved this year, with a keen focus on making sure all minority groups, in addition to womxn, feel welcome to express their views on its platform.

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Lydia J. Haindfield is a rising senior at Mount Si high school in Snoqualmie Washington and will be in her fourth year of Public Forum Debate. She has been a very active member in her debate team as part of the board for the last three years, two of which as co-captain. She looks forward to bringing new initiatives to Beyond Resolved such as providing free training to womxn who face discriminatory actions or comments in round. She is very excited to be a part of Beyond Resolved and making Debate more inclusive!

States in the Region: California, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada

State and Local Coordinators

Feel free to contact any members of our board, especially if you want an administrative member to talk to about issues regarding your debate experience. Beyond Resolved is here to be a community for you and to empower gender minorities in the debate sphere. Find the Contact Info here— we recommend looking for a Coordinator/ Director closest to your location!


State Coordinator: Fabi Sepulveda 

Local Coordinators: Peyton Ronkin, Camille Luong, Stephanie Odum, Alexis Huang, Leah Edwards, Michelle Mally, Filomena Selvadik


State Coordinator: Ariel Zhou

Local Coordinator: Suneeti Chambers


State Coordinator: Noor Abdallah 


State Coordinator: Breanna Masterson 

New York-

State (Co)coordinators: Camilla Green, Ben Lee

Local coordinators: Abby Meyer, Divya Sarma, Illeana Baquero

Committee member: Inko Bovenzi


State coordinator: Dana Silvain 

Local coordinator: Nicholas Resnik 

Committee member: Sam Goldstone 

New Jersey-

State coordinator: Kailey Zhao


State Coordinator: Michelle Zhao 

Local Coordinators: Jennifer Lin, Carina Guo 

North Carolina- 

State Coordinator: Esme Longley 

Local Coordinators: Adriana Kim, Margaret Bolt 


State Coordinator: Daisy Qiu

Local Coordinator: Marie Lowry


State Coordinators: Cindy Xu, Jocelle Lauron

Local Coordinators: Rachel Wu, Julia Eunyung Chang, Madison Cahill, Rhyen Hunt, Jennifer Cresap, Sophia Jansen, Delisha Kumar, Noah Tavares


State Coordinator: Sreya Pattipati 


State Coordinators: Kristina Chiu

Local Coordinators: Paytan Murray, Hannah Christensen


State Coordinator: Kacey Lee 


State Coordinator: Zoe Simon 


State Coordinator: Momina Sial 


Co-state coordinators: Avnika Dubey, Trisha Motupalli 

Local Coordinators: Neha Satish, Amanda Yates, Brooke Blanton, Sophia Wang


State Coordinator: Ana Kevorkian


State Coordinator: Akashdiya Chakraborty

Local Coordinators, Sugeeth S, Julia Amann, Josie Ronk


State Coordinator: Lindsiann Shi 


State Coordinator: Mo Marks


State Coordinator: Rosalina Anderson

Local Coordinator: Mary Kate Boyle 

North Dakota-

State Coordinator: Erica Flores 

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