September 20, 2019


Hey, I really just wanted to shine a light in one of the smartest and hardest working people I could’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, Nivea Krishnan. To give some background on her debate career, she started in her freshman year in Lincoln Douglas in our local Arizona circuit, but over her debate career she has continued to climb the ladder of success; this past summer, she ranked in the top 14 Lincoln Douglas debaters at the National Speech and Debate Tournament. She’ll never brag about herself, but I just wanted to brag in her behalf. Despite all of her successes, she has continued to stay grounded and speak her mind on her experience in the debate community. Up until her recent accolade, she was constantly undermined by the national and local circuit, including members at our own school. Her experiences of constantly being overlooked and harassed resonate with so many girls, but she was able to find success. She worked hard not DESPITE the prejudices in our community, but TO SPITE the members who ridiculed her. In our recent meeting, she became emotional about her experience with local LD debaters always talking badly about her speaking abilities and always praising male competitors. She’s worked twice as hard for half the respect. In her senior year, she’s really trying to make a difference in the community by incentivizing for more diverse group of students to join our Speech and Debate team. Even as a policy debater, I can see the proliferation of her impact, and I hope she can inspire others like how she has inspired me.