Our Spotlight initiative aims to highlight organizations that aim to pursue the same goals as us, but in more depth!

Our Educational Resources page goes through in-depth resources with initiatives that are much like ours.

Here are some websites or initiatives that are somewhat similar to BR:

W.indebate is a website for women in debate, primarily for LD; they run a blog and a mentor program!

Not Debatable is for debaters fighting ableism in debate; they have a mentor program, and a blog, as well as a discord group!

Girls Debate is a website for girls in debate that has a blog and some educational resources like card packs!

The Women’s Debate Institute (WDI) is a summer debate camp for womxn in Policy debate.

The Public Forum Gender Empowerment Facebook Group celebrates womxn in outrounds of national circuit tournaments and is a resource to share information about different projects or initiatives relating to gender issues in PF!