Hall of Appreciation- Male Allies

We will continuously update this page in chronological order!

Note: you do not have to be female presenting/ identifying or a non binary debater in order to submit to the hall of appreciation. If a female presenting/ identifying debater or non binary debater taught you how to be a better male ally and that left a positive impact on you, feel free to share with us. Submission page is found here.

September 15, 2019

I had a male camp partner this summer, and after the summer he told me that partnering with me changed his views on how to approach the issue of women in debate and that meant so much to me. Because I saw that change, he stood up for me in numerous upsetting instances and inappropriate interactions that I had with opponents/ judges/ labmates. So this thank you is for him for being an ally and making my camp experience good when I had to deal with a lot of toxic stuff!

(Note: kept vague for anonymity)

September 15, 2019

A coach who had judged me multiple times before told me that my commitment to PF alone was an inspiration to female debaters. he reminded me that freshman year I looked up to female debaters and strived to accomplish what they did and told me that I was that role model to so many people. that was at nats my senior year, it was the best way to end my debate career.