This is the submission page for the Hall of Appreciation.

Read about the rest of the Beyond Resolved “HALL OF” projects here.

We want the hall of appreciation to be about appreciating the good and change in an activity that often excludes, looks down upon, and objectifies women/ gender minorities in the debate space.

More specifically, we want to appreciate female/ gender minority role models, and male allies in this community.

In a world where coaches and captains are overwhelmingly male, celebrating the impact of role models and mentorship is important. 

And appreciating male allies are important because they can be the reason as to why our voices can be heard when they are actively being muffled. We also hope that by dedicating a page for male allies, we will spur more discourse on the “how’s” of being a better ally.

Submit an experience, story, or comment that you received from a coach, competitor, teammate below that personally made a positive impact to you regarding sexism in debate. While our page is primarily for Public Forum Debate, we are more than happy to create a version of this page for other events, thus feel free to submit your experiences below regardless of event.

Feel free to remain anonymous!