February 4, 2020

this one goes out to my partner. she is the most amazing friend and debater i’ve ever met. i’ve seen a lot of toxic partnerships where people put each other down after they make mistakes in round, but my partner and i never do that to each other. we always hang out outside of debate too and she’s always there when i need her. we’ve also had a lot of progress in terms of skill, and i’m really glad i got to experience everything from being novices to competing on the nats circuit with her. love u

September 15, 2019

“Zara Chapple is the best and nicest person in the whole world. She is so kind and generous to everybody that she meets, and always wants to help everybody. I love Zara, she’s the coolest.”

Note from BR Staff: Zara Chapple is the Northeast Director and we agree, we stan.