We have slowly been expanding our initiatives to include the goal of equalizing access of opportunity within the Public Forum Debate community. Debate can be expensive, thus the educational benefits of the activity are often most accessible to those that can afford it. Thus this project and page is dedicated to providing resources to equalize access.

Furthermore, we believe that female presenting/ identifying or nb folks are negatively harmed by a lack of access to boys clubs and prep groups. We hope our resources will attempt to counteract that competitive disadvantage.

Beyond Resolved launched its Youtube channel. On it, we have posted lectures for topic areas and specific skillsets, as well as rounds. We are aware that many rounds online tend to be male-dominated so we are not only compiling a list of rounds online that have female presenting/ nb folks in them, but also are planning to record and post as much of these rounds as possible. We encourage showing rounds with representation when teaching younger debaters, as it can convince them that debaters that look/ present like them can succeed in this activity as well.

We want to compile resources to help you navigate cool educational resources online (e.g. other youtube lectures, rounds online). Our staff will be continuously updating this document so that there are more resources!


Circuitdebater is a cool resource where past PF debaters post resources of past topics (cases, blocks) so newer debaters can learn from them and use them as examples!

PF Videos is a cool youtube channel that posts a lot of rounds!