Hi! This is a page for coaches to post resumes/information for teams to hire them! If you are a debater/team looking to hire a coach, feel free to reach out to any of the potential coaches below. If you are a coach who wants to post a short bio/resume, please fill out the form here, or write a short bio in the boxes below!

This is not to be confused with our Mentorship Program, which is community-based, our Free Coaching Service, which is lead primarily by current students, or our Online Summer Institute, which is a summer program for debaters.

Beyond Resolved doesn’t have the means to vet all these coaches individually, so we would encourage you to be cautious. That said if you contact us with a credible reason one or more of these people is unfit to be around children, we will remove them from our database and will limit their future BR involvement. It can be anonymous but make sure to leave contact information so we can follow up.

If you need advice/help with what to look for or how to choose a coach, also feel free to reach out to us (Instagram DM/email and we can help you with whatever you need!

We will try our best to keep this page updated, but you can always check here for the most recent responses to our google form. Grammatical errors are the result of my bad copy/pasting, not the coaches themselves.

**If you are a coach that has already been hired and don’t plan on coaching other teams, please contact us to have your bio removed/ put in a Confirmed Coaches section so that we can keep our database up to date. As always, you can reach us on our Facebook, Instagram, or E-mail [Beyond Resolved, @beyondresolved,] **