The first Beyond Resolved Online Debate Workshop will take place from August 10-31 on online platforms like Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger Video, etc.

Here is how it works:

Volunteers sign up to serve as instructors for the camp (the camp is free, so Beyond Resolved does not have the ability to pay instructors; the concept of the camp is to make debate instruction accessible to ANYONE, not just those who can afford to hire a coach). Instructors for highschool events will ideally be out of high school; if current highschool debaters want to apply to instruct, we are happy to have them, but will likely endorse them as more of a middle school or novice instructor. Our camp will be primarily for Public Forum, but if volunteers from other events apply, we hope to expand to other events.

Instructors decide their own hours, and teams can sign up for hour-long sessions with them to do drills, get topic-specific help, or get feedback after a practice round. We will use a booking software where each instructor can make an account, post available time slots for each week, and get notifications when teams book their hours. We will post bios of instructors on our website, listing the skills they feel most comfortable teaching or the aspects of debate they want to help with, i.e. some coaches may not want to help with anything topic-specific, or some coaches may feel more comfortable helping teams with rebuttals than summaries, etc. If we have a small number of instructors and a large number of teams interested, we may have to limit the number of hours teams can sign up for per week, or limit the number of teams who can sign up for the camp.

We will also have time slots every day where teams can sign up for practice rounds and an instructor will serve as a judge for the round.

Anyone of any gender, skill level, socioeconomic status, etc. is welcome and encouraged to participate. We will organize all students into pods which will serve as the groups they will be signing up in, i.e. one group of students will sign up, followed by the next, on and on until everyone has had a chance to sign up for their times that week. We will rotate through so that every pod gets “first choice” one week. Practice round signups will come out first to everyone, so we can ensure that we reserve enough judges.



We’ve curated a group of staff across all genders in order to create an inclusive environment from the top down. We want debate to be an activity where all individuals can learn and thrive, so we hope you’ll join us this summer to work with these incredible staff members.


Amala Karri


Amala debated at Hunter College High School in New York, earning ten bids and twelve speaker awards. She has worked with middle school and novice debaters in the past and is coaching students of all levels at VBI, NSD and the New York City Urban Debate League this summer. She is happy to help with anything skills-related (weighing, logical responses, round strategy, etc).

Ben Cheng


Ben debated for the Nueva School in California for 3 years, doing fairly well on the national circuit. He qualified to the TOC twice, broke to outrounds there, and won the Berkeley tournament and round robin. He taught at VBI for a month and is fairly well versed in the BRI topic, and also has extensive knowledge and experience with running non-traditional arguments in PF (theory, Ks, etc.)

Brooks Howell


Brooks debated for Lincoln Sudbury this year under the code Lincoln Sudbury HS. He got a few bids and some speaker awards but more importantly he’s learned a lot about how to debate and have fun while doing it that he’s excited to teach students.

Charlie Jackson


Charlie debated for Millard North HS in Omaha Nebraska for four years, reaching semis at Blake, Runoffs at TOC, and championed Valley. Charlie can help with whatever you want excluding Ks.

Dakota Champagne


Dakota Champagne is a graduating senior at the Packer Collegiate Institute where she co-founded the forensics program. In her three years of debating, Dakota has advanced to elimination rounds at various national tournaments, and in her senior year, Dakota co-championed the Westchester Classic, qualified to the TOCs, and reached quarters at the NCFL. Over the summer Dakota coached for NSD and is excited to continue coaching for Beyond Resolved!

Dhruva Rangan


Dhruva for 3 years in PF at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School serving as team captain his senior year. He has gotten bids to the Gold Tournament of Champions, qualifying my junior and senior years. Most notably Dhruva has reached octafinals at Princeton and the TOC, quarterfinals at Harvard, semifinals at Manchester and Bronx and NCFLs, and finals at Lexington, in addition to earning speaker awards at multiple tournaments.

Ellis London


Ellis London debated from 2013 to 2017 at Walt Whitman High School. As a competitor, he reached elimination rounds at numerous tournaments, notably reaching semifinals at Blake and the runoff at Gold TOC. As a coach, he’s helped debaters reach late elims at several tournaments, including a finals appearance at the University of Kentucky Season Opener. Ellis currently competes in parliamentary debate at Brandeis University, where he’s majoring in politics and economics.

Gargi Samarth


Gargi has competed in PF for the last 4 years at Seven Lakes High School, qualifying to TFA state and NSDA nationals twice and breaking to outrounds at tournaments like Harvard, Plano West, Bellaire, Glenbrooks, UH, state, and nationals. She have experience with first and second speaking and can help with topic analysis, link/impact weighing, rebuttal/summary/final focus construction, analytical responses, judge adaptation, and about anything under the sun in PF.

Hattie Bilson


Hattie Bilson is an incoming senior at Westridge School in Pasadena, California and is in her fourth year of public forum debate and third year of extemporaneous speaking. She frequently competes on the national and local circuit in public forum and her proudest achievements include semi-finals at the Presentation Invitational and semi-finals at ASU. In speech, Hattie primarily competes on the local circuit, where she placed 4th at the California State Championships. Hattie enjoys teaching weighing, analytical rebuttals, and time allocation. She also likes editing cases and blocks, and she weirdly loves word economy drills. In extemp, Hattie’s strengths are in teaching structure, time allocation, and speaking style.

Izzy Wu


Izzy did PF debate in high school as a 1st speaker and was relatively successful on the national circuit (high bid count, breaking at TOC/nats/NDCA, etc). Then she coached at NDF for a couple weeks, so she’s got a lot of knowledge now on this topic, a judge’s perspective, and how to work with any kind of kid.”

Kate Selig


Kate debated for Bromfield and will be attending Stanford University next year. She qualified to the Tournament of Champions in my junior/senior year and placed 10th at NSDA Nationals. She also quarterfinaled at Harvard and Columbia, finaled at UPenn, and was top speaker at Yale. Kate has taught both middle school Public Forum and Policy debate, and I coached at NDF and VBI.

Kelly Zheng


Kelly attends the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois and intends to major in Economics and Public Policy. Kelly has reached late elimination rounds at tournaments such as the University of the Pacific, Santa Clara University, and the UC Berkeley Invitational. Notably, she semifinaled and won first place speaker at the Berkeley Invitational and championed the SCU Invitational. As a coach, she’s happy to help with anything — in particular, working on logical responses, second half strategies, and speech structure. She has also worked at NDF and has knowledge on the BRI topic.

Mai Rubin


Mai is a junior at Florida State University who debates on its Parliamentary Debate team and high school Public Forum Debate. In high school, Mai debated in Public Forum for Boca Raton Community High School and achieved late outrounds at the Sunvitational as well as winning prelim finishes at Harvard, Emory, and Yale. As a coach, Mai has coached two teams to be the first debaters in their programs to ever qualify to the Tournament of Champions, as well as a top 20 finish at the 2018 NSDA National Tournament. In college parliamentary debate, Mai has won almost every tournament he competed at in Florida throughout the 2018-2019 season, with a semifinal finish at the State Championships. Mai specializes largely in skill training and topic background information, with much experience coaching teams with little national circuit experience or exposure.

Malcolm Davis


Malcolm was co-captain of the debate team at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. As a debater, he championed the Bronx Round Robin, finished second the Harvard Round Robin, finished second at Columbia, reached semifinals of the Yale Invitational, and reached quarterfinals of the Tournament of Champions. Since graduating, Malcolm has worked as an assistant coach at Strath Haven High School in Pennsylvania. Malcolm’s students have championed the Bronx Round Robin, the Villiger invitational at St. Joseph’s University, the Lexington Winter Invitational, and reached quarterfinals at the Tournament of Champions.

Megan Munce


Megan debated for Presentation HS in San Jose, CA for four years, two in Public Forum and two in LD! She made it to late outrounds in several national tournaments as both a first speaker and a second speaker, including semifinals at ASU, finals at Berkeley and Alta, and winning the Kandi King RR. She’d be happy to help anyone with looking over cases, listening to speech redos, suggesting/running drills for skills you want to get better at or even just talking about how debate sucks and how you can make it better!

Natalie Watson


Natalie recently graduated from Battle Ground Academy where she competed for four years. She mainly competed in Oratory but also has had experience with interp and world schools debate.

Nathaniel Yoon


Nathaniel coaches the Oakton varsity public forum team, and has debated for three years on the local and national circuit, with significant success. Locally, he;s placed first in varsity public forum in WACFL, DCUDL, and UVA, placed first in varsity Lincoln-Douglas, qualified in Congress, and has attended metrofinals in PF for all three years of debate. Nationally, Nathaniel has broken at Georgetown, GMU, Columbia, and Harvard, reached deep outrounds at Pennsbury and Capital Classic, and went undefeated at the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. He and his partner were the first team from our school to qualify to PF NCFL Grand Nationals, placing first at metrofinals, and he;s also qualified in LD, placing third. They were the first team from their school to attend the Tournament of Champions, have received three bids their junior year, and are ranked #65 in the nation. Nathaniel has seen the depth that debate can bring and is excited to bring these experiences to campers this summer!

Payton Winterhof


Payton will be a freshman at Loyola University Chicago in the fall. She did PF for Millard North for 3 years. Throughout her time at Millard north she won a state championship, qualified to nationals twice, qualified to national elimination rounds once, and had 5 career TOC bids.

Ruby Marsh


Ruby is a rising senior at Westridge, a high school in Los Angeles. She is a first speaker but I am also comfortable teaching rebuttal strategy at a more novice level. Her strength is very flow PF – so not theory or K’s but not super traditional either. Ruby travelled a lot this year and has experience coming from a small school that does not travel hardly at all making the transition to more circuit level PF. She also runs a website called Not Debatable, dedicated to people with disabilities in speech and debate, so she is very familiar with the topography of inequity in debate. Ruby is flexible and willing to work on pretty much anything – especially at a novice or middle school level – but if you are interested in specifics: she is good with weighing, casework, cross-ex, strategy – especially more interesting strategies like going for turns – and navigating the scary world of teams with big money and judge biases that is debate.

Sara Catherine Cook


Sara Catherine debated for Altamont for three years in PF. She octafinaled at Bronx, won Holy Cross, picked up a couple of silver bids and participated in the Harvard Round Robin. She’s happy to help with anything but like helping with speech structure, analytics/logical responses, round vision, and drills! Sara Catherine also has taught at camps for a month so is pretty well-versed on the BRI topic.

Sharan Sawlani


Sharan competed in PF for Cypress Bay High School (Weston, FL) from 2013-2017. As a senior, he qualified to the Tournament of Champions, reaching late out rounds at tournaments such as The Sunvitational, Millard North, and Blue Key. As an external coach for Cypress Bay and Lake Mary Preparatory School over the last two years, he has coached students to late elimination rounds at national circuit tournaments such as quarterfinals at Blue Key and GMU, semifinals at Berkeley and Golden Desert, and finals at Sunvitational in addition to outrounds rounds at TOC, NSDA nationals, and NCFL nationals. Sharan is currently a junior at the University of Central Florida where he studies international relations and is determined to make public forum a more inclusive place for everyone.

Sim Guerrero (PF AND POLICY)


Sim is an incoming undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins with competitive experience in public forum and policy and coaching experience in all four debate formats. She debated from a relatively small program with little chance to go on the national circuit, but was exposed to progressive argumentation at camp (she attended UTNIF) and stayed up to date by coaching and mentoring other teams (notable accomplishments include breaking to rounds 8 and 9 for policy at NSDA Nats, outrounds of various national circuit tournaments in PF and policy, etc). Sim is the most comfortable teaching PF and policy but can handle either progressive or lay argumentation (and all everything in between). She is likely a good fit for you if you are a local debater looking to transition towards the national circuit or trying to learn more about progressive argumentation and hops to tailor her mentorship towards what you need — whether it’s lectures, working on files, etc.

Thomas Gill


“Thomas was a debater for Blake in Minneapolis for 4 years. He’s had experience as both the one and the two. Throughout that time, Thomas was pretty successful on the circuit, breaking at tournaments like UK, Glenbrooks, and Apple Valley, as well as winning the TOC his senior year. He also did pretty well in more traditional debate, placing second in state his junior year, and placing in the top 14 at NSDA nationals both his junior and senior years. Thomas is happy to help with speech redos, some topic analysis, watch rounds, edit cases, or pretty much anything else you need just contact him! “

Zara Chapple


Zara Chapple is a rising junior at the Dalton School in NYC. She competed in Parli for two years and is in her third year of PF. In PF she has been ranked as high as 4th in the country and finished the year first among underclassmen. She qualified twice to the New York State Forensics League tournament in the Varsity division and once to the Gold Division of the Tournament of Champions and NSDA National Tournament. She coached middle schoolers and novices on her team for the past two years to Semis at JV Penn and qualifications to New York State in PF and a regional finalist in MSPDP. She is happy to help with literally anything you need, but especially argumentation, weighing, round strategy, and narratives. She can also help you with drills, organization, practice rounds, or explaining arguments 🙂


Tamur Asar


Tamur did parliamentary (and dabbled in pf) at MVLA for three years teaching novice and jv his second year and varsity his third. He went to the TOC twice breaking the first time. He also made it to semi-finals of NPDI. Tamur feels confident teaching pretty much anything you can ask about. Unless it’s some high-theory stuff like Lacan, then someone else is probably your best bet.

Vivek Kamarshi


Vivek is a freshman at Berkeley who did Parliamentary Debate in high school and was a captain of Monta Vista High School’s parliamentary debate team. He can explain any of the basic debate concepts, and Parli-specific structures such as advantages, theory shells, topicality, counterplans/perms, and more. However, his high school’s team is quite lay, so Vivek doesn’t have as much experience with kritikal theory or other meta-debate.”