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After the success of the Beyond Resolved Summer Workshop, we want to keep that experience going throughout the year! Specifically, we are now offering the year-long BR Free Coaching Service—i.e. the year-long version of our summer workshop.

The goal of this initiative is to provide free coaching resources to debaters who do not have access to a formal coach. Every week, instructors will put their available coaching hours onto a Google Sheets file, and students simply contact instructors who haven’t already been contacted. Instructors will provide their e-mail, Facebook account, and/or their phone number to facilitate one hour-long office hours where student(s) can ask questions.

We are accepting instructor and student applications for Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Policy, Congressional, and Parliamentary debate along with Extemp and Speech events.

Note: While we in no way forbid instructors from finding a student(s) that they like and working with them throughout the year, this is in no way a service that will get students one guaranteed coach, instead several one hour long office hours when instructors are free.


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For any questions, comments, or concerns, do NOT contact Instead, fill out the form below or contact our initiative directors, Camilla Green, Hattie Bilson, and Sukhm Kang, on Facebook.

If you wish to not put your name and email, we will post our answers in a FAQ page.