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The BR Administration helps head initiatives and committees within Beyond Resolved. Beyond Resolved would not be who we are without these amazing debaters to help organize individual projects!

Co- Executive Director of BR Free Coaching Service

Sukhm Kang is a senior at University High School in Hunting Valley, Ohio and is currently in his fourth year of Public Forum debate.

During the summer he was a mentor in the Beyond Resolved workshop and is excited to join Beyond Resolved as one of the heads of the BR Free Coaching Service throughout the year. As one of the heads, Sukhm aims to increase the availability of free educational resources in debate

Co- Executive Director of BR Free Coaching Service

Hattie Bilson is a senior in her fourth year of Public Forum debate and her third year of Extemporaneous Speaking at Westridge School in Los Angeles, California.

She is the co-captain of her team, and she was a member of the 2018-2019 BR Advisory Board. While on the board, she served as a mentor and coached at the BR Summer Workshop, and she is excited to return to Beyond Resolved as a Director of the Free Coaching Initiative.

Director of Funding

Noah Tavares is a senior at The Nueva School in San Mateo, California.

This is his fourth year of Public Forum Debate. Currently the Rear Admiral of his debate team, he is focused on recruiting Black identifying debaters to the Nueva Debate team. He was the first Public Forum debater to break the eco-feminism K in competition and lose. Noah is excited towards working on creating a more inclusive circuit.