We have realized that our organization disproportionately represents privileged groups, specifically, those who have the money to travel on the national circuit and attend private schools and debate camps, those who are white or Asian, and those who are able-bodied and neurotypical. For that reason, we are reopening volunteer applications with the express purpose of better representing students from all backgrounds.

Here is the link to the application!

Volunteers can help with most aspects of our organization. Committees and responsibilities include: Creative Content (Blog posts, YouTube, flyers, BRacelets), Community Outreach (Hall of Fame, contacting tournaments, organizing meetups), Education (Judge training videos, BR Argument Breakdowns), Logistics and Internal Organization (Merch/Sticker distribution, emails, compiling contact information, internal updates and newsletters), Research (Judging bias at tournaments), and the Summer Institute (Tech support, logistics, inclusivity discussions).

With any further questions, please feel free to email or direct message @beyondresolved on Instagram.