Hello everyone! Thank you for a fantastic (almost) year of Beyond Resolved. Instead of an advisory board, next year we will have around six Beyond Resolved Regional Directors, who will be in charge of organizing meetups, writing blog posts, and doing Hall of Fame posts for their region. Their main focus will be on reaching out to the community and connecting femxle debaters in their region with each other and with Beyond Resolved both at tournaments and online. Keep in mind, the regions will most likely be comprised of 6-8 states, so the regional director will need to coordinate events in multiple different cities and states (with the support of other members of the BR community!). We are looking for individuals who are open-minded, passionate, hardworking, responsible, and organized. Beyond Resolved is about a 2-5 hours/week commitment. Regional Directors will also make up an Executive Board that will run the core aspects of the website. 

We will also have state-level coordinators and local level coordinators who will have similar responsibilities but for their specific areas. All involved will be responsible for contributing to the blog, mentor program, etc. Since regions will include multiple states, much of the responsibility of Regional Directors will be communicating with debaters from different areas to organize Beyond Resolved events and initiatives. All candidates who apply for a Regional Director position will be considered for state and local positions as well. Every single female presenting/identifying or nonbinary person who applies and does not get the regional position will be in direct contact with their regional director and have the opportunity to coordinate events, blog posts, etc. in their state, city, or at the tournaments they attend.

All genders are welcome to apply for state/ local coordinating positions. In fact, we encourage nonbinary and male debaters to be a part of Beyond Resolved’s initiatives, especially on the regional level. Applicants for both state/local coordinating positions and/or regional directing positions must compete in Public Forum and have at least one year of experience in the activity.

For full disclosure, male applicants will not be considered for the Regional Director position as we believe that female-presenting/ identifying and non-binary debaters have the experience and first-hand knowledge of the gender equality issues that we are trying to combat, making them more suitable for leading Beyond Resolved and our initiative to reach out to other female presenting/identifying and non-binary debaters, connect with and empower them.

All positions will serve on committees for different initiatives within Beyond Resolved, i.e. blog posts, the Youtube channel we are launching, podcasts, potential online tournaments, educational resources, our mentor program, and much more. Committee positions will rotate monthly or bimonthly, so all applicants will be able to work on initiatives that pertain to their skills and interests. 

Please fill out the written application down below. There will also be an interview stage for finalists for Regional Director positions that will come later. Applications will close on June 20th, 2019 for the 2019-2020 positions.

Note: Regional Director positions for the northeast and southeast have already been filled, but we would still like anyone interested to apply for any position they want to hold. We want everyone to have the ability to contribute and will guarantee that in this circumstance your application will still be considered and valued. No decisions made are a reflection of our opinions on character, personality, etc.

There is no word maximum or minimum for questions. Feel free to write in as many or few words as needed.