Progressive arguments are no doubt becoming a new norm in Public Forum, as established by outrounds at bigger national tournaments (like the Tournament of Champions this past weekend). Bettering accessibility to these arguments are really important, so we want to share a really incredible resource created by Jason Luo, Andrew Lee, Neel Kanamangala, and Jay Namdhari.

You can find their comprehensive analysis of all types of progressive arguments in PF here:

In order to help out with this in-depth resource, debaters with experience in kritiks, tricks, plans, etc. can send content to the creators so they can update their website! The website already has example theory shells (found here) where debaters can learn from things like a trigger warning theory shell, and can always include more examples.

Learn about Theory Debate here
Learn about Kritiks here
Learn about Plans/ CP’s here
Learn about Framework here
Learn about Tricks here

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