Spotlight on Latinx Debate Initiative! (Interview with Sabrina Briceno)

As we reach a broader audience, we at Beyond Resolved want to begin showcasing efforts outside of our organization that promote equality in debate. We will share resources and interviews as frequently as we can. If you know of a project that we should spotlight, DM @beyondresolved on Instagram or email

This week we interviewed Sabrina Briceno, founder of Latinx Debate Initiative (LDI)! This is what Sabrina had to say:

Beyond Resolved: When did the Latinx Debate Initiative form, and what prompted the formation?

Sabrina Briceno: LDI officially began in a year ago in January and we officially launched in March. I was a junior desperate for latinx visibility in debate, especially after debating latin american policy and witnessing the lack of empathy towards those affected by the debate along with a lack of proper knowledge of the areas we were debating. It wasn’t until I made it to Semi Finals at the Crestian Invitational, where one of my latino friends congratulated me on representing latinx in debate. I realized that it was this kind of recognition ALL latinx debaters should receive, prompting the formation of LDI.

BR: What is the Latinx Debate Initiatives goal?

SB: Our goals are primarily to have visibility in the debate space (speech included of course) and educate other high school students on latinx issues from those debate-specific to latin american politics.

BR: How does the Latinx Debate Initiative work to make debate more inclusive and aware of issues?

SB: Through our blog, social media, and debate mentoring with a focus on visibility, we’re (hopefully) making all generations and social circles aware of latinx issues in the US and around the world.

BR: Is the Latinx Debate Initiative planning to expand in the future?

SB: I think expansion would be wonderful especially in terms of a larger cult following! Growing our presence online is our main prioritizing in terms of expansion.

BR: How has the Latinx Debate Initiative made an impact on the community?

SB: In terms of impacting the debate community, teaching novices not only critical argumentation skills but to be empathetic, aware, and knowledgeable about representation has been the biggest impact and the most rewarding part of LDI.  The most special change for me personally has been the increase use of “spanish intros.” As a congressional debater, one of the few ways to show your personality is through your intros so after I started giving intros in spanish, it began picking up traction in the debate space and became one of the favorite ways of LDI’s novices to highlight their “latinxness.”

BR: Any fun/interesting facts about the Latinx Initiative?

SB: Fun facts about LDI is that it was created by two Venezuelan debaters! We’re really big into politics and LDI will be coming out with a info-campaign to focus on latinx issues in the 2020 election season!

BR: If someone wants to get involved with the Latinx Debate Initiative, how would they do it?

SB: The best way to get involved is to follow and DM our instagram account! From there, those who are interested can get into contact with state representatives (if one is available) or an executive board member to join LDI!


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