speech and berate

claim, warrant, solvency


claims to help the silenced find their voice

that voice is irrelevant when the judge makes their choice

claims to uphold every minority

but every round is about our own superiority

claims to open up doors to opportunity

the door held ajar reveals a toxic community


is there a warrant for the virulency that young debaters feel?

when their opponent has a heart of steel

is there a warrant for their confusion?

when the debate they once loved became an activity of exclusion

is there a warrant for the constant criticism?

perpetuated by this community of egoism


every inherency has a solution

so let’s affirm the resolution

debate ought to be a welcoming place

where the thought of oration excites, regardless of class or race

debate ought to teach

to encompass and underscore the power of speech

debate ought to embrace

not turn the beauty of words into a rat race

debate ought to empower

so our youth no longer duck and cower

claim, warrant, solvency

speech and debate


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