In Beyond Resolved’s first year, founder Sara Catherine Cook began a small free sticker initiative where we handed out free stickers. The stickers were designed by Sreya Pattipati, and distributed at specific national tournaments and by mail. It was our way of pushing forth Beyond Resolved’s message to “Connect. Debate. Empower.” — every sticker that we gave out became a sign of a community that was willing to support our mission to connect and empower others.

Seeing the Beyond Resolved stickers are a happy reminder of the positive efforts that people are making in this community. Not only does it make me happy to have it, it makes me happy during rounds when my opponents, especially male allies in the community, have it on their computer.

If you want to request a sticker, please fill out the form here. Note: if you messaged Beyond Resolved’s Instagram in the past couple months and have not gotten a confirmation that stickers are coming your way, please fill out this form.

We want to continue our free sticker initiative. We are currently trying to fundraise to create more stickers to keep this initiative a sustainable one throughout the year — if you wish to donate, please donate any amount by venmo (@Abby-Meyer-03). [Note: we are currently in the process of setting up to be a non-profit, and do not currently have a bank account! Venmo or our gofund me works best for us]

Beyond Resolved also launched a page to keep a collage of pictures of the stickers. If you currently have a sticker, please message us a picture of where you put your sticker — a picture either with you and your friends in it, or with just the sticker itself! Furthermore, please let us know what state and city the sticker currently resides, so that we can have a cool idea of how far Beyond Resolved’s mission has reached!


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