Hi all! We have launched a new project!

Beyond Resolved has a series of “HALL OF” projects that you can read about on our new page here.

The Hall of Appreciation is our newest Hall and a place to celebrate the good, because we believe that talking about the good actions and people are just as important as talking about the bad in this community. Like the Hall of Shame, the Hall of Appreciation will be a submission based page where you submit your experiences and stories that made a positive impact on you regarding sexism in debate.

Submissions are open. You are free to remain anonymous.

We will dedicate a page of compiled submissions for celebrating female presenting/ identifying or non binary debaters. Female/ gender minority role models can make a huge difference in a male-dominated activity (read Camilla’s article about female mentorship here, and Not Debatable’s post here) , and oftentimes their presence goes unrecognized and uncelebrated.

So here is our special thanks to female presenting/ identifying or non binary debaters that gave back to the community even though they had their own identity and experiences to go through, as well as those debaters that persevered regardless of their identity. We recognize you: thank you for all that you are, have been, and do.

We will also dedicate a page for male allies in the community. Thank you for standing up for us, for fighting for our cause, and believing in it. Privilege is often invisible to those that have it — which means that the job of any ally is to try and learn about the different identities and the experiences as a result of these identities.

We also hope that this page will start discourse on the hows of being a better ally, because it is often hard to know how and when to help.

Lastly, we will keep a general page up for comments of appreciation that don’t fit in either category.


Yukiho Semimoto


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