Jo Pennington, and Shreya Ramesh doubleoctafinaled.

Lucy Ding, Sarika Kotha, Nyla Crayton, Srija Vem, Riya Shah, Abby Mapel, and Blythe Terry (7th speaker) octafinaled.

Sara Catherine Cook (9th speaker), Anna Kate Lembke (3rd speaker), and Sri Pinnamareddy (1st speaker) quarterfinaled.

Noor Abdallah (8th speaker) and Mariah Cady (2nd speaker) cochampioned.

9/20 top speakers were femxle presenting, with the top three all being femxle.

14/40 debaters in outrounds were femxle presenting.


Lila Sternoff was first place speaker and came third in Novice PF.

Etta Humes and Alexandra Ellerstein doubleoctafinaled.

Angela Li, Rebecca Solomon, Kelly Kong (8th speaker), and Yukiho Semimoto (2nd speaker) octafinaled. (Special Note: Kelly and Yukiho dropped their eighth elim in a row and they are really proud!)

Rhea Sanger, Adithi Attada, and Amala Karri quarterfinaled.

Zara Chapple finaled.

10/56 debaters in outrounds were femxle presenting.


Katie Rohrbaugh, Alexis Huang, Sophie Verska, Camila Jaramillo, Jillian Malinsky, Elizabeth Kim, Brenda Reiter, and Maggie Rubens doubleoctafinaled.

Sarina Samuel, Michelle Mally, Emma Smith (2nd speaker), and Minkyung Kwon octafinaled.

Dori Schurr (5th speaker) semifinaled.

Marley Rywell finaled.

14/52 debaters in outrounds were female presenting.

7/20 top speakers were female presenting.


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