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Beyond Resolved is a student-led organization that advocates for all marginalized groups in high school speech and debate by raising awareness of often overlooked disparities, creating inclusive spaces, and building resources for the debate community.

Participants at the Lexington Debate Tournament in November 2019 show their support for gender equality by using pink legal pads.


Our mission is fairly simple: to create a more integrated debate community that is inclusive and accepting towards all genders. In order to accomplish our goals, we run over 12 initiatives with the aid of 100+ volunteer members.

Beyond Resolved began in the summer of 2018 with a weekly blog aimed at raising discussion, discourse, and awareness about the issues in our communities. Anyone is free to submit an article.

Beyond Resolved has recently begun a mental health initiative to create a safe space for the competitive cut-throat environments that debate can foster.

Photo from the 2018 Westfield-NYCUDL Girls Round Robin. The shirts read “I debate like a girl…try to keep up.”

Our second initiative became the Hall of Fame, where we collect statistics for tournaments throughout the nation and reach out to women and gender minorities to celebrate their successes. From these initiatives came our Hall of Shame, a physical representation of the comments that women and gender minorities can receive in this space, and the Hall of Appreciation, a wholesome page of love for the people that make our community better.


Our free mentorship program operates year-round, for more than just women and gender minorities in this activity. With this initiative, we aim to provide guidance and role models to marginalized debaters in difficult environments.


We ran a free online debate workshop in the summer of 2019 to combat financial inequities that summer institutions create in debate.

This year, Beyond Resolved is offering a more in-depth curriculum with our new online camp (the BRi), with a tuition of $100, to allow pay for our hardworking volunteers.


Not to be mistaken for our free coaching service, our PF coaching database aims to provide a centralized list of coaches that are looking to be hired. This allows programs that are looking for coaches to find one, and for students to look through a centralized resource to find the most affordable option.

Connect. Debate. Empower.


Debate is an expensive activity for many. Thus we have committed to centralizing free educational resources, and releasing a brief PF topic to break down arguments ran at national tournaments to provide valuable resources to people without access to countless tournaments.


An ongoing effort to offer debate practices as schools close down.


Our free coaching program has been put on temporary pause due to COVID-19, but it aims to provide free office-hour coaching for debaters that cannot otherwise access it.

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